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Here are the yoga classes we offer:

Introduction to Yoga: Classes offered seven (7) weeks to learn the basics of basic postures, breathing, body alignment, relaxation and sun salutation. Develops the ability to relax. No yoga experience required.

Yoga 1 : Course where you learn the basic postures, meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation. We develop rooting, alignment of the spine, openness and flexibility of the body. Introduction to yoga or experience required with knowledge of the sun salutation.

Intermediate Yoga : Yoga classes where we move from basic postures to more advanced postures. Also, addition of inverted postures like the candle and the plow. Through this practice more advanced, you develop strength, endurance and breath control in the limits of each. Yoga class 1 required.

Yoga Introduction intermediate course where we explore more advanced postures while maintaining a comfortable intensity level. Excellent transition between yoga and a yoga intermediary. Yoga classes a prerequisite.

Hot Yoga: Hatha yoga in a room heated to over 37 degrees celcius. Come discover the practice of yoga as if you were in India! Through the practice of postures in the heat, leave your body open to a deeper level, release tension and help to release toxins. Excellent addition to your regular practice of yoga or other sports. You'll need a bottle of water, a beach towel, your yoga mat and clothes. Wear light clothing such as shorts, leggings, camisole or t-shirt. The introductory course to yoga is better as a prerequisite. Consult your doctor if you have a specific medical condition.

Yoga relaxation: : Yoga while slowly and smoothly to facilitate the return home. This type of yoga can help you recover from physical and mental fatigue and reconnect with your breath. Supported postures with the use of accessories such as chairs, balloons, blankets to promote relaxation. No experience required.

Prenatal Yoga: Yoga classes designed to prepare your body for the arrival of your child. Learn to breathe better, let your body soften and strengthen the practice of asanas (poses) for your condition. It will help calm your restless spirit by bringing you to tap into that inner strength that lies within us. No experience required.

Vinyasa Yoga: Yoga classes more dynamic where one integrates the basic postures through the sun salutation. The postures are held for less time and movements are smooth while the rhythm of breathing. Knowledge of the sun salutation and basic postures required.

Yin Yoga: Yoga soft where we maintain the postures on the ground longer passively and supported. This type of yoga focuses primarily the relaxation of connective tissue and muscles. This course requires no experience in yoga and complements a yoga practice of a more dynamic.

Kids Yoga: Yoga classes designed to allow children to explore different facets of yoga while having fun. On the agenda: exploring the body through movement, singing, introduction to breathing techniques and relaxation. The objective of this course is to help children have a better posture, increase strength and flexibility in the body and finally give them tools to calm down and relax. Children 5 to 9 years.

Parent Child Yoga: Do you like yoga, you are torn every time you leave home to go to class? Why not share your passion with those who are dearest to you ... your children! The course of parent-child yoga is designed to allow you to explore different dimensions of yoga with your child while having fun. Program: two postures, singing, introduction to breathing techniques and relaxation. You can experience a special moment with your child and deepen your relationship. Children 5 to 9 years.

Meditation: The meditation develops our ability to experience the present moment no matter what happens. It allows us to remain calm and serene, whether pleasant or not, develop our virtue of equanimity and act being less reactive. It also allows the mind to free itself. When the mind is calm and the fog clears, it lowers our confusion and thus mitigate the causes of our suffering. This clarity allows us to see and understand with our judgments and our ego tint our perception of reality.

During these courses, we will explore different ways to install the foundation for the practice of meditation. We'll look at some basic techniques of meditation and talk about the philosophy of yoga.

Gentle Yoga: A yoga class that ranges from the introductory course and yoga 1. Perfect for those who want to do yoga in the energy gently. Suitable for all ages, for those with specific injuries or when you simply wish to practice that requires less physical effort. Talk to your family and friends, gentle yoga is for everyone!

Initiation Yoga and Yoga Budokon Budokon hot: The Budokon combines yoga, martial arts and Zen meditation. The foundation of the Budokon physical practice is precision, alignment and Zen mind. All Budokon techniques are designed to explore the full range of body movements. It is a perfect dance between agility, control, speed, strength, balance and fluidity.

Budokon Yogic Series was strongly influenced by yogic techniques and alignment of Iyengar and Ashtanga. Budokon Budo Series is a combination of techniques standing and ground based mainly Okinawan Karate-Do, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do Olympic style. The objective of this series is to teach agility, strength, concentration and flow in the body and mind.


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