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It seems like new studies are cropping up every day that show the healing effects of yoga. Doctors and therapists have started prescribing yoga to their patients. Society is starting to understand what yogis have known for thousands of years: yoga heals! But not all types of yoga are suitable to help manage, decrease or eliminate all types of disease, pain or disorders.

At Village Yoga, we believe that Yoga Therapy is most effective when designed to address the specific needs of the individual. Relieving pain or recovering from illness or injury is a very personal process. Just as every human being is different, so too are the circumstances that create pain, tension, imbalance or lack of mobility in the body, and anxiety or depression in the mind.

We blend the time-honoured tradition of yoga and its focus on present-moment awareness and breath work, with subtle movements and supported postures, to help you feel more comfortable and at home in your body. Working with principles of ease and pain-free range of motion, we help relax the places that need relaxing, and strengthen the places that need strengthening. The wonderful result is improved mobility, decreased discomfort, and a greater overall sense of well-being! Call us today at 416.487.2812 to discuss your needs and goals. Working together, we can help you diminish the effects of or completely resolve (to name but a few!):

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