Sananda Yoga and Art of Life
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This is a classical hatha yoga class, taught in the Sananda style of bringing ancient wisdom into modern times. Sananda yoga reconnects you to your vital life force energy by releasing stress, toning muscles and the mind, and increasing physical strength and flexibility so that your life becomes a journey of joy, inspiration and peace. The subtle ancient yogic techniques, of ayurveda, mantra, mudra, bandha and kriya, weaved into our asana classes inspire spiritual awakening, personal meaning, direction in life and harmony with humanity.
This class combines the ancient system of Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and, restorative guided relaxation with the sananda yoga asana practice. Yoga Nidra not only provides deep stress release it also offers karmic (life pattern) transformation, emotional and physical healing and relief from many of the common problems of nervous disorders in our society such as insomnia and anxiety, over active mind, and lack of concentration or ability to learn easily
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