Madison Duncan at Yoga Haven
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Thai Massage
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Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage can be done from the first trimester all the way to the days before your birth. During the first trimester, it is still safe to be lying on your stomach so the massage is very similar to a regular therapeutic treatment.-á If the client is not comfortable on their stomach, however, a side lying position can be used. Some women aren't comfortable getting a massage in the first trimester since there is still a risk of miscarriage. This is completely up to the client, and if you want to play it safe that's just fine!

After the first trimester, the client will be either side lying or semi lying during the treatment. Pillows will be used to bolster the client to ensure they are very comfortable throughout the treatment.
Warmstone Massage
A perfect way to release any tension and stress is warming up to a relaxing warmstone massage. Whether you want a full body treatment, or just those sore spots worked on, this treatment will make you melt. Using basalt lava stones, the therapist will work out tension while warming your muscles.

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage can help relieve pain and dysfunction by manipulating muscle tissue and releasing tension. Whether you've had an injury, are very tense, or just overworked your muscles, therapeutic massage can alleviate pain, tension, stiffness and headaches caused by tension. The therapist can do deep tissue or use lighter pressure if you prefer, just be sure to specify before your treatment.

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