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What we offer Dharma Movement Company is a mixed modality movement studio located in the heart of Vancouver. We offer classes in a range of disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Movement, Acroyoga, dance and more. Our instructors come from a wide range of movement backgrounds from Yoga, Dance, Circus Arts, Personal Training, Pilates, Functional Movement, Martial Arts, Nutrition, Meditation, Capoeira, and Gymnastics. Our classes are small and intimate so you get to know the people around you. Our instructors know most of our students on a first name basis. This way everyone gets the attention and care they need to whether it’s working around injuries, weaknesses or new goals. What is a movement studio? We’re more than just an exercise or fitness studio. Movement for us is a passion and a lifestyle. It’s a paradigm shift that moves away from thinking about separate disciplines and exercise. Rather it blurs the boundaries between movement styles to recognize that we are all movers. We are passionate about movement in all its forms including physicality, artistic expression, athletics, health and performance, mindfulness and healing. Dharma Movement Company Dharma Movement Company strives to build a movement community that is all-inclusive and welcoming to everyone no matter their experience, background or interest. Come as a regular to your favorite classes that work with your schedule or add variety by trying something different each week. Beginners, Advanced Practitioners and everyone in between are welcome. Come and try a new class, meet someone new and move your body!

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