Class Descriptions Mixed Level, Mysore

The “Mysore Style” or “Self Practice Style” is the most personal and traditional way of practicing yoga. The “Mysore Style” is named after the city where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, (The Guru of Ashtanga Yoga) lived and taught, continuing this teaching style from his teacher Krishnamacharya. In Mysore classes, students of mixed levels practice whatever series of postures they are refining. This class is not led, and all instruction is given on an individual bases. Your routine is based on your ability. As you gain strength, stamina, flexibility and focus, poses will be added to your practice. This class is an opportunity to work on developing a “self practice” where you learn to take responsibility for your own yoga practice. Mysore-style allows students to develop a deep and flowing practice that can become quite meditative. It is perhaps the only way that the more advanced asanas or postures can be learned safely.-á By committing yourself fully to one yoga style, one teaching method, and a regular practice, you open the door to a deeper experience of yoga. Beginners are welcome – plan for about 30 minutes for your first class. You don't need to know the practice -- we will teach you! You can start your practice any time between 6:30 am and 8:30 am during the week – you must be finished your practice by 9:30 am.-á-áFor evening Mysore you can start your practice any time between 5:00 pm and 5:45 pm. Mysore-style classes are an open class, you can come and go as you please.

Beginners Ashtanga

A beginner class will introduce you slowly to the Ashtanga sequence, concentrating on healthy alignment, and establishing a deeper awareness of breath. These classes create a strong and safe foundation from which you can then explore other levels. If you are wanting to gain a greater understanding of the Ashtanga system, and -ádevelop a deeper practice we recommend you register for an introduction to Ashtanga workshop -- but it is not required to participate in drop-in classes.-á

Level 1 Ashtanga

These classes are appropriate for students who completed an introduction to Ashtanga workshop, or are new to Ashtanga, but have some experience in other styles. The main difference between a beginner level Ashtanga class and a level one class is that we go further in the Primary Series and introduce vinyasas between all of the seated poses.-áYou will be encouraged to move at your own pace and to rest whenever necessary. Slowly, over time you will be able to do more and more. Sun salutations, standing poses, and seated postures from the primary series, as well as back bends will be included.

Level 2 Ashtanga

Level 2 classes are appropriate for students with a solid understanding of the Ashtanga system, and those wishing to intensify their practice. You will be led through the full Primary Series. Expect to do headstand, shoulder stand, and full backbends in these classes.-á

1/2 Primary Series (Mixed Levels)

A led class, these classes are appropriate for all students, except the absolute beginner who should begin with an introductory level workshop or a beginner class. Yoga is non-competitive so all levels may practice together. You will be led through 1/2 of the Primary Series up to Navasana. Those new to the practice will be offered modifications, attention to alignment, and rest when necessary, where the advanced students will be given more challenging versions of the poses.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an energetic style of yoga based on the Ashtanga system. The main difference is that there is no fixed sequence of postures in the Vinyasa Flow classes (Ashtanga classes always follow the same set sequence of poses). The pace of the class is similar to Ashtanga (each pose is held for only five breaths) but you may be exposed to new and different poses with a variation in the flow or sequence of the postures. Beginners welcome.

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