Whiplash and Massage Therapy

Cecilia Borden, RMT, discusses massage therapy for whiplash injuries.

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Cecilia Borden, RMT, discusses massage therapy for whiplash injuries.
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Whiplash is an acceleration-deceleration force that happens to your head and neck relative to your body.

The major cause of whiplash is motor vehicle accidents. Anything from a fender-bender up to a major impact can cause whiplash. Side impacts, rear impacts and front impacts can all cause whiplash.

So you should always consult your medical physician after any type of whiplash injury that you may suspect. Sometimes you won’t feel the symptoms until 48 hours after the impact, but you should always consult your physician.

Some of the things that you’re gonna find after you’ve had a car accident can be head and neck pain, back pain, shoulder discomfort, headaches, migraines, dizziness. You could have problems sleeping, you may not have range of motion in your neck – those are some of the symptoms that can happen with whiplash.

So first of all, when you see a massage therapist, they will do an assessment on you. They’re going to interview you, ask you questions about the actual accident and then they’re going to do a physical assessment.

They’re going to assess your bony landmarks and the range of motion in your cervical spine. Then they’re going to do a pulpation test and see if they notice any tightness in the neck and shoulders. If you’ve had a motor vehicle accident, your muscles will tend to shorten, decreasing your range of motion and the function of the muscle.

What we as massage therapists can do is use some direct pressure on the trigger points in the muscle to lengthen and elongate the tissue. Once the tissues have been released, they’re back to normal functioning, and you have your full range of motion.

If people have more questions or they think they may have whiplash, they should contact their chiropractor or their medical physician.

Presenter: Ms. Cecelia Borden, Massage Therapist, Vancouver, BC

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