Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Hiroko Hasegawa, RMT, discusses pregnancy massage therapy.

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Hiroko Hasegawa, RMT, discusses pregnancy massage therapy.
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Featuring Hiroko Hasegawa, RMT

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So some of the techniques that can be used for pregnancy massage is myofascial release, definitely Swedish technique and some very gentle joint play or joint mobilization, and just range of motion as well.  

Sometimes we incorporate stretching. Usually, many people come in with certain complaints – lower back pain, sometimes leg cramps, shoulder and neck tension, and sometimes edema as well, especially towards the end of pregnancy.  

Oftentimes, it is upper back and then lower back, and that comes with just the changes in the body.  And sometimes people get headaches from it because of the tension in the neck and the shoulder area, and the lower back pain sometimes it causes referring pain down the legs, like especially on the backside and for the upper back its usually later on unless they already have postural issues.

As the pregnancy progresses their breasts start to enlarge and there's a weight in front of the body so people tend to get into a slouched postures and goes up the upper back, shoulder, and then increased tension in the neck.

And for the lower back naturally the baby would bring your pelvis forward. And your arches, your back arches forward, and that creates a lot of tension in that area. And massage therapy is a great way to decrease that tension and achiness. So when we start massage treatments we usually ask where they are at obviously and also if this is their first pregnancy or not and ifit is then we ask if they have any issues, any complications.

One of the things that we are most concerned about is pre-eclampsia, which is hypertension during pregnancy, which can be dangerous so we want to know what's happening.

So we do certain assessments and we use the pregnancy cushion so its more comfortable for them to lie on their stomach and we can treat their back or we can also have them sidelined if that's more comfortable and then we can go from there.

And we also ask them the pain tolerance so it's not too deep, it's not too light, just right for their comfort level.

If your pregnancy has been smooth sailing and health you can just seek out a massage therapist who - some of them are trained well in advanced courses so you can seek out those therapists.

If you have had issues let's say in the first pregnancy you might want to check with your doctor first if that's ok.

Presenter: Ms. Hiroko Hasegawa, Massage Therapist, Vancouver, BC

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