What is Depression ?

Lakshmi Yatham, MBBS, FRCPC, MRCPsych (UK), discusses depression as a mood disorder.

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Lakshmi Yatham, MBBS, FRCPC, MRCPsych (UK), discusses depression as a mood disorder.
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Featuring Dr. Lakshmi Yatham, MBBS, FRCPC, MRCPsych (UK)

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Depression is a type of mood disorder. It is very common.

1 in 7 people suffer from depression at some point in their lives. Now, when we say depression, we’re not really talking about feeling sad for about an hour or two once in a while; we all feel that way.

When we say depression, what we are talking about is somebody that’s feeling sad all the time, continuously, for week to months, that’s what clinical depression is. If you are experiencing clinical depression, in addition to feeling sad or unhappy, you also tend to experience a number of other symptoms.

These include things like having problems with sleep, not wanting to eat, not having any interest or motivation in your hobbies or going, or talking to people. Sometimes, you also tend to have a number of negative thoughts going through your head.

At times, you might feel that life is not worth living. In fact, 10 to 15 percent of people with depression attempt suicide, and many succeed as well.

If you’re unsure, please make sure to speak with your family physician or a psychiatrist.

Presenter: Dr. Lakshmi Yatham, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, BC

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1 Patients with depression can suffer mild symptoms such as feeling sad for an hour or two once in awhile.

2 Clinical depression involves patients feeling sad all the time for weeks and sometimes even months.

3 Depression is quite common these days and effects 1 in 7 people.


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