What Is Depression?

John Ogrodniczuk, PhD, discusses depression symptoms and treatments.

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John Ogrodniczuk, PhD, discusses depression symptoms and treatments.
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Featuring Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, PhD

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Depression is commonly described by signs and symptoms like persistent sadness, an empty mood, pessimism and hopelessness, loss of interest in activities that were typically pleasurable for you.

And there's not necessarily one type of depression - it can come and go. You can have episodes that may last for a couple of months, or it may last for several months. And a form of depression that's sort of a low-grade aspect is dysthymia.

Presenter: Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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Depression is a feeling of sadness that last for one or two weeks.


Depression can have a number of symptoms some of which include feelings of sadness, pessimism and the loss of interest in things that would normally bring enjoyment.


Depression can come in episodes of a couple of months up to several months at a time.

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