What is Chronic Sinusitis?

Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS, discusses What is Chronic Sinusitis?

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Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS, discusses What is Chronic Sinusitis?
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Featuring Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS
What is Chronic Sinusitis?
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Chronic sinusitis is when acute sinusitis is not resolved adequately, and the inflammation continues for more than twelve weeks.  

So the definition is twelve weeks or longer of sinus symptoms, and then it officially becomes a chronic sinus infection.

Patients with chronic sinusitis will have a very different symptom group. These patients will present with chronic fatigue. They’ll feel sort of a dull headache, they might have post-nasal drainage.  

One very important symptom is a new onset cough, or an adult onset asthma. If an adult patient comes in with a new onset asthma or a new onset cough, then one must think of chronic sinus inflammation. Treatment of sinusitis is important. Opening those drainage pathways means treating them, so that’s very important.  

If you have any further questions, you should go and speak to your family doctor or to your local sinus specialist.

Presenter: Dr. Amin Javer, Otolaryngologist, Vancouver, BC

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