What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS, discusses balloon sinuplasty.

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Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS, discusses balloon sinuplasty.
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Featuring Dr. Amin Javer, MD, FRCSC, FARS
What is Balloon Sinuplasty?
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Balloon sinuplasty is mainly a use for treating chronic sinusitis, and the whole idea is to dilate the little drainage pathways, the ostia, without actually doing any cutting to the sinuses.  

So this is the latest technique. It was first introduced in North America in about 2005. Balloon sinuplasty can actually be done in the office, with the patient awake, so you don’t need the OR to do it. It’s mainly used for patients with a single-sinus disease, so you don’t really have to open all the sinuses, if you just have one sinus that’s causing a problem. 

You can actually thread a wire or a balloon into the opening of that particular sinus, enlarge the balloon for ten seconds, and then pull it out, and you’ve got a nice opening. Then you can actually flush that sinus out while you’re doing that. 

You’ve actually got the treatment done with the patient sitting in your office and going home with their sinus issue resolved without having any surgery done in an operating room. Once the ostia are opened, the surgery is done.

The next step in this treatment is actually using a little rice-like particle that we actually put in the opening and leave it in there for an hour, sometimes a week, and it will expand on its own.  

Then we pull it out, and the ostium has enlarged, and the sinus is treated. That is actually the latest, greatest direction that we’re going in with this balloon sinuplasty.  

If you have any questions, you can speak to your family doctor or to your local sinus specialist.

Presenter: Dr. Amin Javer, Otolaryngologist, Vancouver, BC

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