How Can Intimacy Improve Well-Being?

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Renee Lanctot, DHS, discusses how Intimacy can improve well-being.

Renee Lanctot, DHS, discusses how Intimacy can improve well-being.

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Featuring Renee Lanctot, DHS

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Intimacy is very important for your well-being because it increases your self-esteem.

That's one of the major factors why people have Intimacy , because Intimacy makes you feel good about yourself. And actually, self-esteem is crucial for good Intimacy .

This is the 'love hormone', and the 'love hormone' makes you bond and build trust with your partner, which is very important. So, the love hormone helps you in your intimacy - the higher the level of oxytocin in your bloodstream, the better you're bonding with your partner.

It's a great way to help you stretch and help you do some muscular exercise. For women, it helps them strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. When you have stronger pelvic floor muscles it increases your pleasure when your having Intimacy , mostly during orgasm.

If you have questions about sex and well-being, contact a local sexologist.

Presenter: Mrs. Renee Lanctot, Counselor, Vancouver, BC

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