What Is Sexology?

Renee Lanctot, DHS, discusses different aspects of sexology.

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Renee Lanctot, DHS, discusses different aspects of sexology.
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Featuring Renee Lanctot, DHS

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Sexology is basically a field that fits in the middle of two big pyramids that already exist right now.

So the first pyramid that we do see is the medical field, with sexual interest, so the people that have pain on penetration, or erectile dysfunction, they would need to go and see a medical doctor because their problem is more anatomical or physiological in function.

If you have on the other side somebody has had a sexual trauma, they would need to go and see a sexual psychologist. So if they've been raped or sexually abused, their issue is a little bit more complicated and the psychologist can help them go further with this.

A sexologist would will kind of look at any other sexual questions, sexual, you know, you're not happy where your sex life is, there's a difference in your desire level between two individuals in the relationship, and you need to bring them closer to together to increase their intimacy, give them tricks in the bedroom. Help them with achieving orgasm while having sex instead of just having orgasms with masturbation.

A good place to start is to go and see your GP and ask for a referral to a sexologist, so that would be a good first approach, because the sexologist will need a lot of the time to have a basic physical done to look at the different hormone levels.

Once we have that, then we can help figure out where the issue is coming from and deal best with the type of treatment for that specific sexual problem.

Presenter: Mrs. Renee Lanctot, Counselor, Vancouver, BC

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