Why Is Sex Good for You?

Renee Lanctot, DHS, discusses the benefits of sex.

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Renee Lanctot, DHS, discusses the benefits of sex.
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Sex is physically good for you because it helps you lower stress.

And lowering stress can actually benefit you in many different areas in your life. After an orgasm, you have a release of oxytocin and endorphins in your blood stream. Endorphin will give you a great sense of euphoria and well-being, whereas oxytocin has a strong tranquilizing effect, which helps you sleep better, this is why men snore after a good orgasm.

But a good night's sleep will help in your health, and it can also help you lower depression, mild depressions we're talking about.

Sex is good for the heart, it lowers blood pressure, but as well if we take as well from the lowering anxiety levels, so lowering the stress, it may even lower your risk of having a stroke, so that's another added benefit of sex.

Sex is excellent for the prostate. Studies have shown that men with high ejaculation frequency have a related lowered risk of total prostate cancer. So basically, the more you ejaculate, the better it is for your prostate.

The best way that a person can have answers on how sex can benefit them physically is to go and see their doctor to have referral to see a sexologist.

Presenter: Mrs. Renee Lanctot, Counselor, Vancouver, BC

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