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Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom discusses flu prevention strategies.

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Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom discusses flu prevention strategies.
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Featuring Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom, MD, CCFP

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The primary form of prevention for the flu is the annual flu vaccine.

If you are a person 65 years or older or you have any chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, or any other disease compromising your immune system you should receive the annual flu shot when its available the first time.

Other people that should receive the flu shot or the flu vaccine is all healthcare workers, all inhabitants of care facilities, and all caretakers of the above mentioned patients here. It's also recommended that anybody over the age of six months that's going to be exposed to the influenza virus - either in the workplace or a social place or at school - should consider having the flu shot or the flu vaccine.

Presenter: Dr. Egidius Stockenstrom, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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