Botox and Dental Surgery

Dr. Perry Trester, DMD, FRCD (C), FADSA, FICD, FACD, discusses Botox.

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Dr. Perry Trester, DMD, FRCD (C), FADSA, FICD, FACD, discusses Botox.
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Featuring Dr. Perry Trester, DMD, FRCD (C), FADSA, FICD, FACD

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Botox and facial fillers allows the practitioner the opportunity to further enhance the soft tissue and facial appearance of our patients who have had a surgical correction as a result of a developmental deformity or a history of trauma to the face.

These materials last anywhere from four to 24 months depending on which part of the face they are used in. Fortunately thy are temporary, so that if a result oaccurs that doesn't meet the patient's needs it gives us the opportunity to either change it or allow it to slowly dissipate over a period of time.

Presenter: Dr. Perry Trester, Oral maxillofacial Surgeon, Vancouver, BC

Local Practitioners: Oral maxillofacial Surgeon

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