Dental Porcelain Veneer Procedure

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Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS, discusses the steps to getting veneers.
Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS, discusses the steps to getting veneers.
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Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DMD

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Typically, the process of getting veneers starts off with a consultation with your dentist. The first part would usually involve taking a mold of your teeth and creating a wax up or a trial model of what the final restorations will look like.

Once we have that wax up, we’ll use that as a template to make your temporaries. While you’re wearing your temporary veneers, it’ll give us an opportunity to see what they look like, and you’ll have an opportunity to check how they feel in your mouth, checking things like speech and how you eat and bite.

If everything’s okay and we don’t need to do any adjustments, we’ll have your set of veneers. Returning on a second visit when we remove the temporaries, and we’ll actually bond them into place on your teeth. Although porcelain or ceramic veneers are actually very thin, once they’re bonded onto the enamel of your tooth, they become extremely strong and resistant to breakage or chipping.


Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Norden, General Dentist, Vancouver, BC

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