Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Dan Bilsker, PhD, RPsych, discusses anxiety and panic attacks.

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Dan Bilsker, PhD, RPsych, discusses anxiety and panic attacks.
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Featuring Dr. Dan Bilsker, PhD, RPsych
,Anxiety and Panic Attacks
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Anxiety is a common mental health problem in which individuals may feel overcome by worry that disrupts their activities, or feel a constant sense of tension, or even at a more extreme point have episodes of panic and extreme fear.

The options are either anxiolytic - anti-anxiety medications - which are commonly given by family physicians or psychiatrists. These are generally useful for the short term, the problem in the longer term is that people can become physiologically- or physically-dependent forming and they can also cause people to feel sedated, so they're really a short-term solution.

Over the longer term, people want to learn anxiety management skills, which are generally taught through a psychologist using a cognitive-behavioral approach and enabling them to learn the skills of anxiety control.

The medication treatments are generally available through family physicians, but the anxiety management approaches would be usually provided by a psychologist who work in a cognitive-behavioral model.

Presenter: Dr. Dan Bilsker, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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