Risk-Taking Behaviour

Dan Bilsker, PhD, RPsych, discusses men's risk-taking behaviour.

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Dan Bilsker, PhD, RPsych, discusses men's risk-taking behaviour.
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Featuring Dr. Dan Bilsker, PhD, Rpsych

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A very prominent and risky male health issue is that of excessive risk-taking.

It's been noticed in the research data that men are far more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents, especially in their early 20s. It's a time of extremely high risk and men are at far more vulnerability for this form of mortality than are women.

What's important is for individual men to really think about their own attitude towards risk-taking, and to think about how they might be teaching young men, how they may be teaching their sons, to approach risk taking, and to distinguish between risk taking that is courageous and honorable, and that which is simply tragic and foolish, like a young man driving quickly, filled with alcohol.

That's going to be important at the the individual level in terms of making gradual change and that would ultimately impact at the social level how men see risk taking.

What's interesting is that this society has not really identified risk taking as a pathological or highly problematic behavior that would require intervention. We rather tend to simply deal with the consequences of risk-taking behavior in the form of high levels of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities for young men.

There might be well be an option to really consider using referral to a psychologist or some form of mental health counselor to think about and change patterns of risk taking before they become extremely dangerous.

Presenter: Dr. Dan Bilsker, Psychologist, Vancouver, BC

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