Shâs Yoga & Pilates Studio
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Shas offers a friendly, caring and fun environment where you will be compassionately challenged to experience your full potential and educated about your body and its relationship with itself, the principles of yoga and pilates. 

At Shâs, it is important to be able move freely without worrying about imposing on someone else's space which is why class participation is limited to 7 people per class.  This assures everyone has enough room to spread their ‘wings’ and perform their exercises or poses without interruption.  This also allows us to bring a highly personalized approach to our teaching from the programming of the class to the corrections and modifications called out to ensure proper and safe execution by all. 

When required, we do manual adjustments to assist you in performing the exercises properly and safely, however if you do not wish to receive this type of adjustment, please advise the instructor before the beginning of the class.

We encourage you to bring your own mat & Theraband,  nonetheless you are welcome to make use of the ones available at no extra cost. When using a Shâs mat, we do require you to clean it at the end of the class.

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