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Provis was established by a diverse group of health care professionals who have many collective years of experience. We offer our patients equal access to infusion therapies and a variety of other ambulatory clinical services including endoscopy. Provis Infusion Clinic Inc. is a private Canadian corporation and is not affiliated with any other organization.Our Toronto clinic provides:

* Infusion services for oncology, rheumatology, and neurology.

We provide these services for therapies approved in Canada but not covered by provincial health care plans.

* Radioimmunotherapy.

Provis is the only licensed freestanding radioimmunotherapy clinic of its kind in Canada.

* Endoscopy Services:

colonoscopy, gastroscopy, colposcopy, cystoscopy and related procedures.

Exceptional Patient Service

Our aim is to make a real difference in the lives of the families and patients who entrust us with their care. We develop strong partnerships with physicians and organizations that share our vision of providing exemplary patient care. Our individualized treatments such as radioimmunotherapy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and chemotherapy infusion are delivered by highly trained staff in a friendly environment.  We treat every patient with care, dignity and respect. We operate under the highest standards while observing the Canada Health Act.

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