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Massage Therapy has been around for thousands of years and practiced in several different cultures. It has evolved over the many years into a very diverse approach to health care. Massage Therapist in Ontario are some of the highest trained in the world. An RMT (Registered Massage therapist) will have an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, soft tissue injury, rehabilitation, and prevention.

During a typical Massage therapy treatment you can expect a brief interview and assessment to enable the therapist to provide a safe and effective treatment that will best suit your goals as a client, whether it be therapeutic, prevention, or just simply relaxation. Therapeutic treatments focus on releasing and relaxing muscles and connective tissue that could be contributing to pain and discomfort from an injury or even just day to day life. So whether you are looking for a light relaxation massage, pain relief, injury prevention, rehabilitation, a Therapist can design the right approach for you.

Massage Therapy can be beneficial in the treatment of several chronic pain syndromes, sprains, strains, muscular spasms, nerve impingement syndromes (such as carpal tunnel and sciatica), scoliosis, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, depression, headaches, and several others.

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