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Patients’ demands are proof that choosing a cosmetic dentist for all dental care, - from general check-ups to aesthetic veneers, is in everyone’s best interests! The average patient today is much more aware of dental procedures and services in this ‘information age’. The conservative aspect of today’s cosmetic technique is less invasive overall than the sometimes severe steps seen in general dentistry just a few years ago. Simply put, our Vancouver area patients want to keep their mouth healthy for many more years, and if they get to look great during this quest - so much the better.

We maintain the balance between healthy conservative dentistry and looking the very best that we can be makes perfect sense. Self esteem rises with the confidence a terrific smile projects, and coincidentally everything else just seems to magically blend together! Restorative, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry all relate to success in the job and relationship department. Please ask us how!

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