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Conservative Periodontal Therapy (Non-Surgical): • Oral Hygiene Instruction
• Prophy: Simple cleaning of the teeth above the gum
• Periodontal Scaling and root planning: Deep cleaning of the teeth above and below the gum using anesthesia
• Systemic or local antibiotic therapy
• Periodontal Maintenance: Recall
• Occlusal Therapy: checking your bite and harmonizing it to prevent any damage to your joint or gum

Conventional Periodontal Surgery:

• Osseous (gum) Surgery: Getting access to the diseased areas via surgery to remove the inflamed and chronically infected tissue and the jaw bone that are not supporting the tooth
• Alveoloplasty: Reshaping of the jaw bone prior to fabrication of the dentures for a better and more comfortable fit
• Soft Tissue (gum) Graft: A procedure in which the receded gum will be repaired to cover the root
• Frenectomy and Gingivectomy: Removing the excess gum and muscle following the orthodontic therapy (braces) or in cases of medication induced overgrowth of the gum

Reconstructive and Regenerative Periodontal Surgery:

• Bone Regeneration: Restoring the jaw bone around the teeth to prevent tooth loss with bone graft and membrane
• Ridge (Jaw Bone) Augmentation: Modifying the width of the jaw bone for esthetics, or creating an ideal condition for implant placement
• Sinus Lift: A procedure in which the floor of the sinus will be lifted to graft the area with bone to create an ideal condition for placement of the implants in the upper jaw in cases of severe bone loss
• Dental Implant Placement: A state of art dental therapy for the replacement of the missing teeth without damaging the neighboring dentitions

Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery:

• Crown Lengthening: A procedure done before the placement of the crown to create enough of sound tooth structure for the general dentist or if you have gummy smile this procedure will help you to get your dream smile
• Root coverage Surgery: A procedure in which the receding gum will be corrected for the esthetic reason

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