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private: one-on-one training with an instructor

semi-private: work out with a friend or have us arrange a partner for you

Instructor-led groups: join a regularly scheduled  group or coordinate your own group of 3 to 6 people    in our group equipment classes or 8 to 12 people in    our group matwork classes.

*Sessions are typically one hour in length

Yoga: In Sanskrit yoga means “union”. Some can relate it to mind, body and soul. Along with being a practice of physical poses and postures, it is also mental and spiritual. Yoga strengthens muscles and increases flexibility.

Bridal Bootcamp: An enjoyable way for a bridal group to get together and feel good about themselves, as well as sharing a special moment together. Bridal bootcamp can be catered to what the bride-to-be would like. Any combination of spinning, Pilates, aerobics, and strength training can be included in the work-out. Packages can be arranged by phone call.

Sports Teams: As part of athletic development cross-training is a key factor. Arrange sessions as a team in any of the above offered classes.

Pre-Natal: Exercise can offer many benefits to pregnant women. Upon request pre-natal classes can be arranged with one of our trained specialists. Please view the link on Pregnancy and Pilates for more information.


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