Wrist Injury - Tennis

Carl Petersen, physiotherapist, discusses wrist injury in tennis.

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Carl Petersen, physiotherapist, discusses wrist injury in tennis.
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Featuring Carl Petersen, BPE, BScPT

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Wrist injuries can be common in badminton just because of the speed of the wrist movement as they're flicking the shuttle cock.

Wrist tendonitis can affect any of the muscles that run from the forearm up into the hand because they form tendons in this region here. Because of the nature of the forehand and backhand strokes, you'll get some overuse in those tendons and those muscles, you'll develop some swelling. There may also be redness over the area and it will be quite painful to touch.

If you suspect you have wrist tendonitis, obviously you're going to want to in the first 24 to 48 hours follow the PRICE or the RICE principle. So that means applying ice to the area on a regular basis by utilizing an ice pack or some other form of cold implement.

But what's most important I think is if you suspcet you have problems is go see your physiotherapist.

Presenter: Mr. Carl Petersen, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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