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Carl Petersen, physiotherapist, discusses clicking wrist in tennis.

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Carl Petersen, physiotherapist, discusses clicking wrist in tennis.
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Featuring Carl Petersen, BPE, BScPT, Physiotherapist

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You can develop a clicking wrist in this region here on the ulnar side of your wrist or the ulnar side of your hand.

There's a small cartilage that protects the ulna from the carpal bones that can be damaged either from the repetitive nature of the strokes or if you fall on an outstretched hand you can damage that little cartilage which is called the triangular fibro cartilage complex.

The most important thing is to go and see your physiotherapist and get some advice as to what you need to do to get on the road to recovery. If you have questions about a clicking wrist in tennis, contact your local physiotherapist.

Presenter: Mr. Carl Petersen, Physiotherapist, Vancouver, BC

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