When is Hormone Replacement in Menopause Needed?

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Nishi Dhawan, MD, CCFP, discusses hormone use in women.
Nishi Dhawan, MD, CCFP, discusses hormone use in women.
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Featuring Dr. Nishi Dhawan, MD, CCFP

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The safety of hormones is a very individual medical decision that a woman makes based on her own risks and benefits, her genetic predisposition, her lifestyle factors and the metabolism of her body.

That created a lot of controversy around the safety of hormone use, with regards to its risk around breast cancer and heart disease particularly.

What we do know is there's been a lot more research since then and we have a lot more information around what type of hormones are safe, which women to use them in, and what age group to use them in. So, that knowledge allows us to make much better informed decisions when we're treating patients.

A woman's risk stratification and the type of hormone use, and how long to use it for, is based on her individual factors.

If you have questions about hormones, contact a local family physician or gynecologist.

Presenter: Dr. Nishi Dhawan, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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