What Does Baby Movement During Pregnancy Mean?

Dr. Nardia Strydom, MD, family physician, discusses baby movement during pregnancy.

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Dr. Nardia Strydom, MD, family physician, discusses baby movement during pregnancy.
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Babies first start moving in the second trimester.

So if it's your first baby you can expect to feel the baby moving somewhere around about 18 to 20 weeks. With the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh baby, it's going to be somewhere around 16 to 18 weeks that you'll first feel the baby moving.

And it's kind of, some people describe it as a little bit of a flutter they might think it's gas, it's not very obvious, those obvious movements come up later on in the pregnancy when you can actually see a foot moving or feel something much bigger.

By the time a baby's about 28 to 30 weeks along they settle into a pattern. Some babies are more active than other babies, and babies certainly have times when they're asleep just like we do and times when they're runnning about.

And, as I said by the time you get to about 28, 30 weeks you'll get a sense of your baby's pattern of movement. If for some reason your baby isn't moving as it normally does then that is something we would worry about.

Sometimes we'll just ask you to lie down and count you know between four to six movements in an hour. And if you don't get that then you need to call your doctor or your midwife and certainly even if you've got that and you're still worried, you should phone and ask for help.

Presenter: Dr. Nardia Strydom, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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