Health and Lifestyle When Pregnant

Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, discusses pregnancy health and lifestyle.

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Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, discusses pregnancy health and lifestyle.
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Featuring Dr. Karen Buhler, MD, CCFP

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Over-the-counter medications, natural remedies, supplements, they're all possibly not good for pregnancy.

Just because they're natural doesn't mean they're healthy for you and your baby. So again, check with your care provider about what you're taking and see if it's safe for your pregnancy.

In terms of your lifestyle there's many things yu can do to help yourself get ready for pregnancy and be as healthy as possible. The main thing and the most important thing is to take folic acid supplements - start taking them even before you conceive.

You should be taking at least 400 micrograms a day and you could take as much as one or even five milligrams. If your erratic in your medications, take a five milligram tablet once a week, because the body stores folic acid and that will work just as well.

The other parts of your lifestyle are really important to consider, if your overweight lose weight, if you don't exercise start adding exercise to your diet. If your a smoker consider quitting. If you're using illicit drugs or street drugs those should be stopped.

Partners can be supportive of a healthy pregnancy by decreasing their smoking and drug use, eating healthy, and being emotionally supportive of their partner.

If you have any more questions, talk to your care provider.

Presenter: Dr. Karen Buhler, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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