Treadmill Stress Test

Dr. Peter House discusses the treadmill stress test.

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Dr. Peter House discusses the treadmill stress test.
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Featuring Dr. Peter House, MD

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A stress test is a structured electrocardiogram done either on a treadmill or on a bicycle.

It is done in three-minute phases, in order to evaluate how fit or unfit a patient is, and also to look at the heart's response to stress, in other words, exercise stress. and the response we're looking at is a combination of features or factors.

One is the rate of the heart and how long it takes to get to its maximum, which is calculated frmo age and gender.

Secondly, we look at the rhythm of the heart during its stress moments and to see if there are any abnormalities developing on the tracing of the electrocardiogram, which may indicate that there is a disease of the heart - either of the nervous system or of the musculature, such as a silent heart attack.

You can also evaluate whether or not someone has had damage to their heart from having high blood pressure that may not otherwise be apparent, so it is an essential test to have as part of a CHA to evaluate cardiovascular risk.

Presenter: Dr. Peter House, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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