What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

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Dr. John Fleetham, MD, discusses sleep apnea symptoms.
Dr. John Fleetham, MD, discusses sleep apnea symptoms.
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Featuring Dr. John Fleetham, MD, FRCPC, Respirologist

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Sleep apnea presents in two ways.

Quite often it’s the spouse, and it’s usually the wife who comments on the loud snoring or is concerned about the stopping of breathing.

Sometimes the patient will present with waking up short of breath during the night. Sometimes they think it’s insomnia but something’s waking them up during the night. If they have a seven hour sleep and they wake up in the morning and they’re feeling unrefreshed and groggy, and sort of slightly hungover, that’s one symptom.

And then the major symptom is daytime sleepiness. People are falling asleep inappropriately during the daytime. So if it’s someone who’s falling asleep after lunchtime or watching a hockey game when it’s really interesting they’re falling asleep then, then that’s a concern.

And sometimes people present with sleepiness that is more significant than that. They’re falling asleep at work, and they’re falling asleep when they’re driving. So then it’s a major concern.

Go to your family physician. It’s their job to sort out which are significant symptoms and which aren’t.

Presenter: Dr. John Fleetham, Respirologist, Vancouver, BC

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