Pregnancy and Pubic Symphysitis

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Tamarah Nerreter, Physiotherapist, discusses pubic symphysitis during pregnancy.
Tamarah Nerreter, Physiotherapist, discusses pubic symphysitis during pregnancy.
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During pregnancy, women may develop pubic symphysitis in their second trimester.

This develops secondary to the weight of the baby or the shearing forces that are created due to the lack of stability that they have because of the relaxin in their body.

Pubic symphysitis is at the front of the pelvis and it will shear like this, with lack of stability. And with the increasing weight of the baby, and the mom continuing to do daily routines, this can create a friction force that therefore creates swelling and aggravation.

Common symptoms of pubic symphysitis is groin pain, tenderness right on the pubic symphisis, general pelvic pain, low back pain, these symptoms can increase or become worse with aggravating activities, such as walking up and down stairs, their legs coming apart while they're getting in and out of the car, rolling in bed, or engaging in activities such as lunging or deep squats.

These symptoms can carry on until just pre-delivery, and the risk is that there may be a tear of the pubic symphysis during delivery, and this can create issues postpartum as well.

If a female is experiencing during pregnancy any type of questions about pubic symphysitis pain, it is best that they visit their care provider or local physiotherapist to address the issues.

Presenter: Tamarah Nerreter, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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