What is Plantar Fasciitis

Mike Neugebauer, C.Ped (C), discusses plantar fasciitis and orthotics.

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Mike Neugebauer, C.Ped (C), discusses plantar fasciitis and orthotics.
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Featuring Mike Neugebauer, C.Ped (C), Pedorthist

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Well plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, called the plantar fascia.

It's the aponeurosis or tendon-like structure that runs along the bottom of the foot, inserts in the back portion here of the calcaneus, the calcaneal tubercle then fans out to the forefoot.

The way that this comes about is by usually just the irritation, maybe some blunt trauma to the area, repetitive stress either through running or either through an increased activity or weight gain.

Can be an indication in any pronated foot, so when the foot collapses, or a supinated foot, if we have a high arch or a high-structured foot.

Well if you thought you have plantar fasciitis, you first want to go see your family physician. From there, you want to have a diagnosis and then them to refer you to your local pedorthist.

From there a pedorthist will assess and treat for your plantar fascia pain. It could be the use of custom foot orthotics, maybe an over-the-counter product, and that can be in the form of types of splinting, plantar fascia night splints to hold your foot in a certain position at night. May be looking at physiotherapy, massage, active release technique.

Those are the individuals that you want to see outside of the pedorthic realm of treatment.

Presenter: Mr. Mike Neugebauer, Pedorthist, Langley, BC

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