How Can Dental Veneers Help Your Smile?

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Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS, discusses how veneers can help your smile.
Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS, discusses how veneers can help your smile.
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Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DMD

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When we’re doing veneers, typically most people will be coming in and asking for a new smile, and that might involve four, six, eight or even ten veneers on your upper teeth. 

Trying to match teeth when you’re doing that many isn’t that difficult because we get to choose a shade that you like and that works for you.The hardest thing in dentistry is when we have only one tooth to do a veneer on, and typically that would be your front tooth, and trying to get a front tooth veneer to match to your natural tooth is actually the most difficult challenge in dentistry.

The best thing to do is to have the patient visit the lab so that the technician, under a correct lighting, can try to stain and match the ceramic or porcelain beside your tooth. Porcelain or ceramic veneers are a great conservative way to improve your smile and oftentimes improve your life.  If you’d like more information about porcelain or ceramic veneers, contact a dentist who has a lot of experience in doing these.

Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Norden, General Dentist, Vancouver, BC

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