What is Good Food for Fuel

Diana Steele, BSc, RD, discusses What is Good Food for Fuel.

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Diana Steele, BSc, RD, discusses What is Good Food for Fuel.
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Featuring Diana Steele, BSc, RD

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Food is your fuel, and it's important to fuel up before you workout.

There are several considerations when looking at what and when to eat before you exercise. First of all, it's not just the snack before you exercise that counts.

It's actually what you're eating all day. Be sure to eat every two to three hours so that you don't have long gaps of time with no food. That can actually reduce your glycogen stores, which is your muscle energy.

If you only have an hour before your workout, you're trying to go for something a little bit more liquid, easier to digest. It should be high in carbohydrates, so fruits and vegetables and dairy products as well as grains can be great source of carbohydrates. A small amount of protein can also help anchor that energy, but too much protein just before exercise can be difficult to digest.

So if you have two to three hours to digest, you can actually have a small meal. This can be a turkey sandwich and a piece of fruit, and if you have longer to digest, you could actually go for a salmon stir-fry with vegetables and some brown rice.

Make sure that it's not high in sugar. Reduce your fiber intake because high fiber can actually slow the absorption of your carbohydrates, and make sure that you're getting some fluid.

And the rule of thumb for hydration is if you have two hours, have two cups of water. One hour before have one cup of water, then go void and just before you start, have a couple more sips, and then you'll be well hydrated for your performance. If you're looking for more information on sports nutrition and fueling up for your workout, contact your local registered dietician or sports nutritionist.

If you have questions about food as fuel, contact a local registered dietitian or nutritionist.

Presenter: Ms. Diana Steele, Registered Dietitian, Vancouver, BC

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