Dental Traumatic Injury & Tooth Repair

Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS, discusses traumatic injury and tooth repair.

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Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS, discusses traumatic injury and tooth repair.
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Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Norden, DDS
Dental Traumatic Injury & Tooth Repair
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When you arrive at your dental office, you’ve already told them that you had a dental emergency, and you have the tooth.

The dentist is going to immediately try to replant that tooth in its socket, position is properly, and he’s going to probably need to splint that tooth to the adjacent teeth with some sort of possible wire or fiberglass that’s glued onto the teeth. It’s important to keep the tooth from moving.

Now, what is the prognosis of this tooth, you may ask? Well, there’s no question that a tooth that has been replanted has maybe a 50-50 chance of staying in its socket for a long term, depending on how long it took you to get there. Nonetheless, it’s still the best opportunity to try to save that tooth.

Once the tooth has been replanted and splinted, the splint will usually be on for usually around two to three weeks at the most. At that time, the dentist is going to see you back, will take off the splint and identify whether the tooth is completely mobile or not.

By this time, the tooth should have settle in and feel somewhat firm in the socket. The dentist will need to monitor you on a fairly regular basis, at least for the first month, two, three, and then up to six months later and, of course, yearly to see how the tooth is doing. Contact your dentist, if you have more questions about it.

Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Norden, General Dentist, Vancouver, BC

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