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Onkar Rai B.Sc.RRT, discusses equipment accessories to make CPAP trials more comfortable.

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Onkar Rai B.Sc.RRT, discusses equipment accessories to make CPAP trials more comfortable.
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Featuring Onkar Rai B.Sc.RRT

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Once you've been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and are on a CPAP trial, to make your trial more comfortable there are some accessories that are available. 

One is a heated tube that has a heated wire going through the length of the tubing to optimize heat and humidity delivered to the nose. This prevents condensation through the tubing, it prevents congestion in the nasal passages. 

Another option that's available is a hose insulator if you don't haev the heated hose through the regular hose. You could put an insulator to reduce again, condensation and improve heat and humidity delivered to the nasal passages. 

The CPAP pillow was designed specifically for patients that sleep on their side with the CPAP mask. Instead of the pillow pushing up against the mask and dislodging it causing irritating leaks. It's cut out on the side and prevents the leaks and more comfortable night's sleep. 

If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a CPAP machine, you may want to contact your home care provider to go over the options and accessories that are available to you.

Presenter: Mr. Onkar Rai, Sleep Specialist, Vancouver, BC

Local Practitioners: Sleep Specialist

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