CPAP - Manual vs. Auto-Adjusting Machines

Paul Sweeney, RRT, discusses the benefits of CPAP - Manual vs. Auto-Adjusting Machines.

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Paul Sweeney, RRT, discusses the benefits of CPAP - Manual vs. Auto-Adjusting Machines.
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Featuring Paul Sweeney, RRT

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So there’s various CPAP machines on the market, but essentially there’s really only two types. There’s machines that are at a fixed pressure, and there’s machines that are auto adjusting.

For years we’ve used fixed-pressure machines, and as therapist we will manually adjust the pressure to ensure that it’s the optimal setting. That throughout the night they’ll be enough pressure to keep your airway open from collapsing.

Recently, there’s been some new advancements in technology in this field that we now have auto-adjusting machines. These are machines that start off on a really low pressure, and they actually have a computer inside that senses apnea, senses blockages, and the pressure will adjust accordingly.

These can often work well for patients who are first getting used to CPAP machines. They can also be beneficial for people that have high-pressure needs at night. Sometimes they’re more easier and more comfortable to wear.

Both machines are a viable option, both can treat your sleep apnea, but a lot of the issue whether you go for one or the other is your personal preference and what works for you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea and you’re not sure if a fixed-pressure or an auto CPAP machine is right for you, contact a local home care or equipment provider that specializes in this type of treatment and discuss with them what’s the right treatment options for you.

Presenter: Mr. Paul Sweeney, Sleep Specialist, Vancouver, BC

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