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Dr. Avery Krisman

Dr. Avery Krisman

Toronto, ON
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Whether the story is told by the character in an opera he’s learning or by a patient in his Toronto psychiatry practice, Dr. Avery Krisman is fascinated by what the story reveals about the person who shares it. His approach to psychotherapy grew from his interest in talking with patients to understand who they are as people, not to diagnose them into a pre-established category.

“It puts me in the position to listen to what they’re saying,” Dr. Krisman says. “Not necessarily in a conscious way, people tell me about how they view the world and how they live in the world through their stories. People are complicated so I don’t get the whole picture in the first session or sometimes even in the fiftieth, but if I listen carefully, I come to understand somebody in a way maybe they haven’t even understood themselves.”

In medical school at UBC, Avery was the student who could sing. He joined a madrigal group, took voice lessons and was sought out for skits night. His talent for music helped him fit in.

“Medical school was a mismatch for me in a lot of ways, but a few teachers caught on that I was a fish in the wrong pond,” Dr. Krisman says.

During a third-year rotation at Shaughnessy Hospital, Avery ignored a page to call the Dean’s Office thinking it couldn’t be anything good. It turned out he was chosen for an all-expenses paid trip to an important diabetes conference in Boston, attended by students who had already published papers and lined-up positions in the field.

“Dr. Dawson, a clinical faculty member in endocrinology, had put my name forward sensing I had some potential that I wasn’t really realizing yet,” he says.

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