Dr. Andrey Ilyabayev, General Dentist, Bayside, NY

Dr. Andrey Ilyabayev

Dr. Andrey Ilyabayev

General Dentist
Bayside, NY
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Dr. Andrey Ilyabayev Bio

Dr. Ilyabayev’s mother, father and both brothers are dentists. But even with the benefits of growing up around dentists, actually becoming one still requires years of education and the passion to become one. Dr. Ilyabayev graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 2003, completed the Implant residency program guided by renowned Dr. John Minichetti in 2005 and then the Advanced Implant program in 2006 at the The Dental Implant Learning Center. His ability to do finely detailed work with his hands came naturally to him.

Dr. Ilyabayev always had an interest in medicine and initially began his medical career in nursing before studying dentistry. While in school he also worked for a jeweler; repairing and resizing jewelry and setting gemstones. His ability to do finely detailed work with his hands came naturally to him and proved to be a valuable skill set for a dentist.

Whether Dr. Ilyabayev’s two boys will one day become dentists is entirely up to them. For now, swimming and martial arts are their passions, and Dr. Ilyabayev is happy to encourage them.

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