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Your smile is important to you, and we understand the need to know that your dentist cares just as much about results, comfort, and long term dental health as you do. Dr. Leslie Gallon has been giving her patients a reason to smile for thirty years, and continues to provide some of the very best cosmetic dental services in North Vancouver, BC area. From greater care and comfort during procedures, to low-stress examinations that can take the tension and anxiety out of discovering and solving dental problems, Dr. Gallon and her daughter, Dr. Tamara Gallon, have made the difference in the lives of many residents in Vancouver. Whether you’re curious about what cosmetic improvements are available to give you an award winning smile, or you’re finally ready to fix a long term dental problem that has caused you pain and discomfort, Dr. Leslie and Tamara Gallon are here to help.

We take care of all of our patients with respect, attention and dedication that they deserve. From services like professional teeth whitening, dental implants to Invisalign and the latest techniques in proper dental alignment, we know that you expect a high level of quality and compassion from your dentist. That’s why Dr. Leslie Gallon is one of the top British Columbia cosmetic dentists and is accessible to patients from a wide range of ages and health histories. If you’ve ever hesitated in correcting your dental problems due to how much the procedure may cost, be rest assured that we work closely with each patient to find unique and agreeable payment and financing plans to get you on the right track and be happy.

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