Shara Vigeant Personal Training
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Training sessions are one-on-one and tailor made to suit your motivational and physical needs and goals. Sessions take place at the SVPT private studio. (Session times vary based on client’s needs, goals and fitness level - 45 minutes to 75 minutes)

Custom Training Program

Confused on what or how to train and when or what you need to do to get in shape? Do you have specific goals but certain limitations and don’t know what to do? Looking to improve your physical fitness but don’t know where to even start? Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance? Let us take the boredom and confusion away and design a ONE TIME training program customized to your needs and goals. Each program we design is based on a full assessment after the initial consultation and is specific to your goals and needs. A custom program that is individualized ensures that you will get most efficient and effective program possible. An exercise demonstration is included in the cost (approximately 1 hour), where we go through each exercise/movement to ensure you know how to execute properly. You will also receive a CD with exercise demonstration clips for future reference, to check your form!

Custom Training Program Adjustments

Bored with your current training program? Hit a wall or plateau in your weight loss or athletic performance? Let us tweak your program and add some variety. Changing your program every 12-16 weeks will ensure continued success and help you to stay on track! Includes an exercise demonstration (approximately 1 hour), as well as a CD with exercise demonstration clips for future reference.

Online Training

For those who do not live in the Edmonton area, but who want to be able to reach their goals with the most effective and efficient training protocols and nutritional strategies, SVPT offers online (or long distance) training.

Through an FREE online or phone consultation, digital pictures and assessment, we will create a customized program and/or nutritional plan that suit YOUR needs and goals. All training programs and nutritional plans are customized to suit YOU, just as you were training one-on-one with a SVPT elite trainer.

Customized programs come complete with exercise demonstration clips to ensure you properly execute the prescribed exercises and movements.

For an additional cost over and above the customized training program and nutritional plan, you can be monitored or coached for a flat monthly fee. This will ensure ongoing success as we work together to implement compliance and consistency.

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