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Tartar and bacteria from saliva can cling to teeth and cause inflammation. In the long term, if this debris is not cleaned regularly, it can lead to staining, gum disease, and eventual loss of teeth. Most people will need a professional cleaning at least twice a year. Some may need it much more than that


White (composite) fillings are resin-based. Although the metal fillings have had a long and reliable track record, the new white fillings are almost as strong and definitely much more attractive. While we don't recommend prophylactically replacing healthy old metal (amalgam) fillings, any teeth needing new fillings, will receive a new white filling at our clinic


We have an excellent reputation for dealing with young patients. We treat the majority of our patients without any medication, but some require anti-anxiety drugs prior to the appointment. Our ceiling-mounted tv's are often all the child needs to be distracted from the procedure. We strongly discourage parents being present in the room during treatment, as we often ten to impart our own fears on our children!!

PRIVATE ROOMS (soon to come)

Upon the expansion of the clinic, we will offer private rooms with a back entrance for any patients requiring extra privacy and/or quiet


Our dentists have hospital privileges and therefore access to hospital settings for very young, medically or mentally compromised patients. Nervous to the point of phobia? We can arrange select procedures for you too...all under general anesthesia


With year-long waiting lists for specialists in Saskatoon, our team can address the majority of surgical undertakings right here in our office. Complex cases can be referred out to Saskatoon or Edmonton


We do root canal therapies, in majority of cases, within one appointment. We will refer re-treatments and more complex treatments to Saskatoon


Although we don't make dentures right in our office we carefully coordinate the treatment with the leading denture clinics and prosthodontists in Saskatchewan. It is absolutely imperative that you consult with a dentist before getting new complete or partial dentures made.


Have you always wanted to have straight teeth, but didn't want to get braces? 

Don't want to drive to Saskatoon every month? Ideal for motivated patients, Invisalign may be the ideal option for you. It generally takes a shorter treatment time than conventional braces, costs the same and the aligners are barely visible. Perfect for treatment of mild to moderate crowding, or spacing of teeth.


The talk of town, "Snap-on" teeth are the ideal solution when you are short of time and cash to get complete smile make-overs. For less than the price of 2 crowns, these acrylic "overteeth" will give you the perfect teeth and smile for that special photo-op day: a wedding, graduation, or job interview. Prepared in just two appointment with no freezing, or drilling, you can have the perfect teeth or that of any famous person or Hollywood actor. With proper care, they will last for months or years.

Click here for more information about Snap On Teeth

Celebrity Teeth (New York Times News Article)


All teeth with very large fillings need crown coverage to prevent them from breakage or re-decay. All ceramic crowns are now as strong as the metal ones. Although gold is still the standard in strength and track record, the all porcelain crowns  and bridges are now compatible, with decades of track record to replace all your discolored and greying fillings and crowns. 

Through digital imaging, we will alter a current photo to show you the "after" version. After receiving your feedback, we will then duplicate your approved image and...voila!! The procedure is very simple and predictable. Crowns/bridges/veneers are utilized to create the "perfect" smile.

Have you always wanted the perfect smile in a minimum amount of time and little to no freezing?   With the state of the art ceramic technology of Lumineers, you can now rejuvenate your smile for years to come. 2-3 appointments, total of 3 hours or less, and you're off to show off your smile!... Ideal for multiple variety of dental esthetic concerns.


Permanent whitening of your teeth in less than 90 minutes. The results are up to shades lighter teeth. Minimum sensitivity and very comfortable procedure. Rejuvenate your perfect smile, or get it before replacing your old discolored fillings.


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