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Personal consultations and fitness assesments

Before we can begin helping you achieve your goals, we will first need to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Bootcamp fitness

Our fitness specialists will organize and design a Customized Ladies Bootcamp program that is unique, challenging, and fun! Each Bootcamp Program is tailored to accommodate your participants’ current fitness levels, goals, and fitness experience.

In home fitness

Sage Personal Training sessions are 1 hour in length. The exercises, methods, and equipment will depend on your specific requirements. Your trainer is well equipped with a wide variety of equipment, including stability balls, medicine balls, BOSU balls, resistance tubing, free weights, sparring gloves, etc. Clients are encouraged to make use of their own personal fitness equipment. However, if required, equipment is provided free of charge.

Motion picture/television/film industry

Sage Personal Training is fully equipped to provide mobile personal training services specifically tailored to meet the irregular schedules and varying locations commonly associated with Film and Television production. Please call or email for more information about how our services and fitness specialists can best accommodate the on-set and in-hotel fitness needs of visiting actors, dancers and performers.

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