S2R Training Systems

We offer a wide range of training systems and packages to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular packages are shown below. Please call or email for more information on services, current promotions and custom options.
Robarts Personal Training - 1 on 1 - Get the training that you want, that meets your individual needs; just you and your trainer pushing your body to its limit to meet your fitness goals!
•Less than once per week - $60.00/session
•Once per week or more- $50.00/session
•Four times per week or more - $40.00/session
Partner Training - you and a friend - You and your partner will work together, sweat together, and train hard together to take your fitness to the next level.
•Less than once per week - $90.00/session ($45.00 each)
•Once per week - $80.00/session
•Two or more times per week -$70.00/session
The Training Pack - Small group 3 to 5 people - Help push each other to the limit to get the most out of your workouts. Follow the belief of strength in numbers with the individual attention of a personal trainer and without the large group environment. Semi-private groups.
•Three people - $75.00/session ($25.00 each)
•Four or five people - $100.00/session
Large group classes - S2R Bootcamp - Perfect for those who prefer a large group setting. This is a primarily outdoor, all levels fitness class training endurance, strength, agility, speed, and weight management. Some sessions offer a choice of attending up to 4 classes per week! Contact us for more details!
Workplace Fitness classes - A custom made fitness class depending on the needs of your workplace. Meet outdoors or in your workplace fitness facility. Also includes community association fitness programs.
Investment: $50.00/session
Custom Packages - Contact us to help make a program that is right for you and your needs including monthly/weekly programming, online/emailed workouts, and many more!
Student Specials - To help accomodate the financial situation of many students including University, high school, and SIAST.
•University and Business/Technical College - $30.00/session - 2 or more times per week
•High school - $10.00 off regular priced services
Seniors Specials - To encourage seniors to get active and stay active to live long and fulfilling lives! Research shows that we are never too old to benefit from physical activity.

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