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Develop awareness and tone in your core abdominal and postural muscles, while increasing your flexibility and ease of movement. Learn to work your body efficiently to develop optimum strength and control. By focusing on the fundamentals upon which the entire Pilates method is built, you will develop a solid foundation of core stability for all your life activities. This series (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for any other Retrofit classes.

Increase tone, strength and flexibility in your entire body, with the controlled flowing movements of the classical Pilates repertoire of mat exercises. Attention to detail and form ensures this workout will change your body and your mind!

Dynamic Flow
Build endurance, coordination and strength with an ever-expanding repertoire of advanced Pilates mat exercises. Flowing through challenging movement sequences, this dynamic workout is demanding and energizing and will tone and sculpt your entire body.

Super "A"
Maximize grace, agility and strength with this high-powered workout. Challenge yourself with the constantly creative ab-busting repertoire of super-advanced Pilates repertoire! Registration in this class is with approval of the director.

Teen Pilates
Create healthy habits for life as you improve your posture, increase your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles. Challenge your balance and coordination with exercises on the Ball, Bolster, BOSU and more! Have fun and stay fit in a and friendly environment targeted just to teens.

Teen Machine
Intensify your pilates experience on the quintessential Pilates machine. Combining spring resistance with a moving platform to increase the challenge for the core while working every muscle in your body. Pre-requisite Pilates for Teens.

Post-Natal Pilates - Babes in Arms
Hey new moms – get fit, get firm, and have fun with your baby in post natal Pilates. Focused Pilates core conditioning; a complete post-natal workout.

Pre-Natal Pilates
Build strength, flexibility and coordination to prevent back pain and maintain mobility throughout pregnancy and to prepare the body for birth and recovery. This modified Pilates program designed specifically for pregnancy provides a safe and effective way to stay fit and active throughout your pregnancy. No previous Pilates experience required.

Real Men do Pilates
This intermediate level class, designed specifically for men, focuses on core conditioning to support and stabilize from the inside out. Learn great workout techniques to optimize sport performance, increase range on motion and flexibility, enhance agility and promote recovery and injury prevention.

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