Preventous Collaborative Health
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Preventous Collaborative Health offers world class health care services for you and your family. Our dedicated team of health care professionals will work with you to assess your current health status, manage your chronic diseases, and reduce cardiac, stroke and cancer risk factors. While our primary focus is a proactive one, we will also be available to you, should you fall ill.

At Preventous we recognize the importance of continuity and consistency in health care. These two factors are important to the successful, long term management, of your health. We will be your number one health resource and will guide you through the health care system when necessary. To help us with this goal, we utilize the most up to date medical technology, including an electronic medical record which allows patients to access their own medical information.

The services offered at Preventous Collaborative Health are meant to be all encompassing, meeting all of your health care needs in one facility. Our preventive services range from an initial comprehensive collaborative assesment, through to ongoing care, during which time our team of experts will be available to you when they are most needed.

In addition to preventive services, Preventous offers nutritional and fitness assessments (including VO2 max and resting metabolic rate), personal fitness training, cosmetic medicine services and travel medicine (we are a designated Yellow Fever vaccine site).

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