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Callie Bland, RN, BSc, BSN, discusses corporate wellness coaching.
Callie Bland, RN, BSc, BSN, discusses corporate wellness coaching.
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Featuring Callie Bland, RN, BSc, BSN

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Corporate wellness coaches is a process to help employees empower themself to reach their health and wellness potential. It's really a cost-effective way to reduce healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism and improve client productivity.

Corporate wellness coaches are typically healthcare professionals with additional training in coaching, and they often work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals such as physicians.

Corporate wellness coaches help employees deal with issues like stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, chronic disease management, as well as work/life balance. Coaches really partner with employees to help them establish a personal wellness plan that includes creating a vision, establishing goals, developing an action plan, and helping them put that action plan into progress.If you think you could benefit from wellness coaching, contact a wellness coach.

Presenter: Ms. Callie Bland, Business Coach, Vancouver, BC

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